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Can Shungite energize an entire water system in a home?

Yes. Three Shungite nuggets taped next to each other on a water pipe will energize all the water in the pipe. This solution is really only recommended for the cold water pipe because the tape will deteriorate on the hot water pipe. Any time water flow encounters a valve that is closed, the water on the other side of the valve will not be Shungite energized. Each toilet should have three marble sized Shungite nuggets in the tank to keep the toilet bowl clean. There is also a valve on the hot water tank. When the cold water fills the tank a valve shuts the tank off from the cold water. Thus the water in the tank is no longer a Shungite energized water. To rectify this and to keep your water heater running more efficiently we recommend a Shungite S4 magnets be placed on the water tank itself.