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Shungite Pendants Explained

Nancy L. Hopkins - When Gaia’s Gift internet store opened, in addition to nuggets, there were wire-wrapped pendants available. I had been wrapping gems and minerals since 1992 and by the time I met Walt Silva, I had wrapped over 500 Shungite pendants for both humans and animals. Then Walt explained to me what these little energy devices were and how they worked.

Shungite’s ability to conduct electricity is a proven attribute, but the direction of energy flow I could detect was not electricity. To me it was just energy. Same thing with the wires that had an energy flowing that also had directionality. But in working with the nugget I made sure energy flow in both the wire and nugget was in the same direction. Walt explained the energy I was detecting is called by many names including Orgone, Prana, Chi and The Life Force (See Section 2).


Wire-wrapped Pendants

When orgone flows through both the wire and the Shungite nugget, the orgone is enhanced by the Shungite energy field being fueled by the Quantum Field connection. The resulting energy field expands to envelope the entire bioelectromagnetic field of the individual or pet. The bioelectromagnetic field refers to the entire, intricate energy field comprised of chakras, nadias, meridians and other energy systems. The Shungite Wire Pendant brings stability to the bioelectromagnetic system that results in grounding and repairing the circuits. 

When the individual encounters a toxic environment, whether EM/WiFi, chemical or radiation with the anti-life, negative rotation, the Shungite Wire Pendant continual adjusts the bioelectromagnetic field to bring back stability as the toxic energy field is attenuated to become biocompatable. But we had the same problem we had with the WiFi requiring development of the S4 Sticker. The WiFi was not being attenuated. While the wire pendant continually readjusts the bioelectromagnetic field to stability, the individual is till being hit with the WiFi.


S4 Shungite Resin Pendants  

Walt’s S4 Shungite Powder ended up in resin, which is a liquid plastic poured into molds that cures to become whatever shape the mold is. The success of the S4 formula in the S4 Stickers prompted us to see what other products could be made to hold the powder. From the second radio show we had, Walt knew the powder could be used in the resin. 

Using a diamond shaped mold and a S4 Shungite mix powder, Walt had a resin diamond that he could drill to allow a wire connection to be made. Thus the creation of the S4 Shungite Resin Pendant. With the S4 now in pendant form, the EM/WiFi signals being encountered were being attenuated before entering the toroidal field of the bioelectromagnetic frequencies of the human, animal or plant.

Some of these resin pendants also have raw specimens of rube, emerald, zoisite, citrine and other stones. This is just an added energy and is not necessary. If you are drawn to a given pendant, it is likely you need a dose of the stones in the resin.

While the WiFi signals are biocompatable regarding spin, the force of those signals still hit the individual’s bioelectromagnetic field. These pendants do not stabilize and balance the individual’s energy field as well as the wire wrapped pendants.

I began recommending an individual wear both pendants. If I had to choose it would be for the wire wrapped. This pendant’s energy field works better with 3-D energy. Yes it balances and stabilizes the bioelectromagnetic field, and also enhances physical healing in the form of quantum proto-energy. The orgone flowing through the wire/nugget enhanced within the Shungite field is just a more healing energy (always “in my opinion”).


Structured Shungite Pendant

Walt decided to put a bunch of nuggets in a tumbler thinking it might be a better way to get Raw Shungite Powder. A tumbler uses sand like grit to polish stones as they are rotated in the tumbler and that would not work. So he put a bunch of screws and metal pieces into the tumbler. He sent the Shungite nuggets to me. It did not work for creating powder as the Shungite just became pounded not broken up into powder.

However, the nuggets had definitely been changed. This energy is laser like and it fluctuates through the entire frequency spectrum. It has been suggested this pendant works with Reiki energy. Personally I have never been drawn to Reiki. Nor am I drawn to this pendant. I do not recommend it...unless YOU feel drawn to it. Then that is what you should work with. 


Cosmic Silver Saturated Shungite Pendants

It was not until Derek Condit joined the team and took Walt’s pounded nuggets to an entirely different level of energy. Derek used pieces of high grade sterling silver instead of metal and created Silver Saturated Shungite Pendants. We added “Cosmic” to the title to indicate the powerful connection to the Quantum Field created by pounded silver impregnated Shungite. 

This energy will both attenuate WiFi signals completely while stabilizing the bioelectromagnetic fields.