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What is the difference between Elite/Noble vs Raw/Standard Shungite?

Last night on YouTube a site came up for Elite Shungite saying that their Shungite is 98% carbon and that other Standard Shungite is only 38% carbon. May I ask, "Are these facts true?" My question is what percent of carbon is in your Shungite?

We have a much different take on what Shungite is and does than other scientific thought. We believe Shungite accesses the Quantum Field where the building blocks of everything exists. The magic behind Shungite from water purification to EM/WiFi attenuation is the C60 Fullerene that is found in the carbon content of Shungite. And yes, the statement is true: " ...Elite Shungite is 98% carbon and that other Standard Shungite is only 38% carbon," more or less (range is 35-65% carbon).

"Mainstream Science" judges reality in terms of chemistry where more is better. We deal in "Enerology" (the study of Energy) where more is simply different - the energy field is different. When using the Standard/Raw Shungite its energy field is more in attunement with the physical bodies of plants, animals and humans. Elite as a different energy field does work for some people, but we do not sell it except as an additive to honey products.

This video may help you in understanding the science, as we see it.

Another problem with Elite is it is expensive and coal can actually be sold instead of elite. Absolutely ensuring you have elite to put in your water does not seem to be worth the risk. The raw or standard Shungite, which is not being widely counterfeited, is sufficient to energize the water without the danger of having coal instead of elite. We have actually had reports from people using supposed elite that they were getting the smell and taste of oil in their water. One person said it smelled like turpentine. Just saying in my opinion you do not need elite or noble Shungite. - N.Hopkins